Travel Daughter Of The Sea, Kuakata

Sunset of kuaka

Kuakata is one of the most popular visiting places and most tourist attractions in Bangladesh. It is one of the beach towns known for panoramic sea beach. Kuakata beach 18 kilometers long and 3 kilometers wide. The main attraction from the one can have an unobstructed view of both sunrise and sunset over the Bay of Bengal. World most visitors when visit Bangladesh must Kuakata. Because it is the natural beauty of Bangladesh.

Kuakata name:

The origin of the name of Kuakata is from the word Bengali word “Kua”. A long time before the total area, not available drinking water. Seawater is known to be salty it cannot drink people. So people used to digging wells and collect water from there. Afterward, it has become a tradition of digging wells in the neighborhoods of Rakhine tribes for water.


Kuakata is in Kalapana Uphazilla, Patuakhali District. It’s from the capital of Dhaka 320 kilometers and From the Patuakhali District 70 kilometers away.

How You can go their:

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If you choose Kuakata to travel to this place you can go their two way from the capital of Dhaka. The first way by launch and another way by bus. You can also go by domestic flight from Dhaka to Barisal and from their by road. First-way Many luxury launch service is available from Dhaka Sadargat to Barisal. This one takes time may be3.5 hours to 4.5 hours. From Barisal to Kuakata by bus takes time May 2 hours plus. When you go there by bus from Dhaka here also many luxury bus service available. Dhaka Gabtali to direct Kuakata many services you can choose. Dhaka to Kuakata takes time this bus service maybe 5 or 6 hours.

kuakata tourist spot

Why Popular Tourist Beach Over The World:

Kuakata offers her tourists a full view of sunrise and sunset from the same sandy beach in the water of the Bay of Bengal. Locally called people this name Sagar Kannaya (The daughter Ocean), the long strip of dark, marbled and sand stretches about 18 kilometers. The long wide Kuakata typical settings all are natural. Travelers are fascinated by nature here. Kuakata is also a sanctuary for many other countries migratory of winter birds.

The beach on the eastern end location of mangrove Reserve forest Gangamati. The Evergreen mangrove forest snipped of the original Kuakata. Gangamati like Sundarbans offers some protection against some surges for safe travel. Whenever it is being threatened by entering and deforestation. The best way to reaching the forest by foot or motorbike along the beach, where the flag flying fishing boat can maybe see trawling the coast. Visiting Gangamati afternoon is the best time to watch the sun cast shadows on the exposed mangrove root.

Tourist facilities:

This popular tourist attraction of Kuakata has many luxury and normal type of hotel are available. You can rent this hotel and motel easily take over the night. The hotel takes for a single room at 8$ to up and the double room takes to start from $18. So don’t think where you go night time.

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