Remove Any Virus From Your Pc or Laptop 5Minutes

Remove Any virus from your pc

A virus can slower your pc or laptop. It’s more disturb you when you do any important work. When you browsing maybe your browsing is the slowest work. Sometimes the virus stops the program which uses you regularly. Some viruses may hack your computer and stealing your many important data. So it is very important to remove emergency for our security, privacy, and for faster pc. We discuss here how you can easily remove any virus from your pc or laptop. We are looking sometimes the open one browser here open 3 or 4 pups up window this caus comes from a virus. It means many virus are available in your pc.

How Enter Virus on your Pc:

It is important to know how to enter the virus on your pc or laptop. It mainly enters with your pc from internet browsing. When we browse many sites this time some unexpected virus comes in our pc make slow in our system.

Sometimes virus comes from Pendrive or memory card. When we put other people’s memory or Pendrive or other computer or laptop used memory Pendrive comes virus. Another way when we use memory on mobile this may become from this device virus.

How we care from the virus:

When you put any memory always scan the antivirus scanner. If you see this memory or Pendrive not delete file this time you need format. So careful to put memory with a computer this check this system antivirus available or not.

Three Easy steps Remove Virus:

First Step: You go start menu and here search bar type here run and press enter you see one popup new window open. You type this run window write here “Cleanmgr

” press enter show another window you select here C drive because all virus mainly attacks C drive click ok. You see another notification window show on your display here you just click ok.

Comes another window show here message” Are you sure you want to delete permanently delete these this file” you click delete permanently. This process takes maybe 1 or two minutes.

2nd Step: Same first steps we go from start menu search bar and type here run press enter you show another window. Type here “prefetch” press enter. Here show many videos, audio, and other maximum files are virus files.’

Press CTRL+A all files are select and press deletes all your virus files remove from your computer.

Again run window open and type here”Tree” press enter you will see many unwanted files are deleted. Our 70% of work is finished. You can check your computer faster before. Know we go the final remove complete your pc virus.

Final step: This step we complete one antivirus software. This software is free for 15 days. If you want to continue to you maybe some money.

You go google and type here “Malwarebytes” open the link and download free for 15 days trial and another way you can download from here

After download the software installs this your pc and complete scan your pc you will see more virus detected and clean with this Malwarebytes.

You can see your pc performance may be same as a new computer and now totally remove your full computer virus. Please have any problem comment we give reply for you and always connected with Sameotech read more new tech tips.

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