How To Become A Computer Genius or Expert-Easy Tricks

Become a computer genius

How you can become a computer genius or expert. It is very important to know basic computers after you need to know about advanced level Tricks. If you know basic computer this article is for you and follow these tricks and practice after you see how much advanced your skill of computer. Some category has to know which one practice every day on your home computer. Everyday practice means every day to increase your knowledge about this. We serve some tips and tricks and regularly practice these tips to become a computer genius.

1.Know about Hardware:

Let us know who works on some of the parts on the motherboard. Computer every hardware you need to know what is the part name and this part what First, know about the all hardware name after you know about this hardware works. What is the processor? what work do processor? What is Ram? What work does Ram? Like the mouse, motherboard, keyboard, CD drive, port, LCD, power supply, even you need to know about every hard war. It is the first step to become a computer genius.

2. Be Update Regular:

World technology always changes. Today one hardware which latest but tomorrow maybe this old. You go computer shop looking here many latest hardware upgrades maybe we are don’t know about this. Your computer all parts also change regularly. You make a friend circle to discussing an about computer and hardware who know about this and you can go to the computer shop what are come new. This hardware what facility and what extra work how to use everything. Regularly go hardware shop want to know about parts and advanced level hardware. It improves your technical knowledge and improves your Update knowledge.

3. Youtube Video Watch:

Regularly make a one-time list which time you watch an only Youtube video. You see many YouTubers talking about the latest technology. Some computer expert shares their knowledge youtube. World big tech master talking to new technology which very important to know to become an expert. Youtube everything video available which one you can learn easily. How to processor fittings with the motherboard, how to join Ram, and how to make a new pc everything you can learn with video. Many tech Expert makes for this lesson video and upload youtube. So Youtube is only not for watching the movie we can learn everything from here.

4. Open Your Pc:

You need to know about every hardware. This work how to do you need just open your pc and open every cable but remember which cable is fittings whare. Power supply cable connect where CD writer how to connect Hardisk how to connect with the motherboard. You do this work selfly and when comes any problem you can take help with your friend and expert and another way youtube. You can also take help from google. Youtube also helps with learning your browse only related-keyword. You do regularly these 4 steps you look you more confident about the computer.

5. Know about the Operating System:

How to operate your computer must need to know. You need to know about windows, Linux, and apple mac operating system. These three operating work all world maximum computer. How to install an operating system? how to operate a pc this software everything you earn the knowledge for began expert.


6. Need to Know Every program:

Windows operating system has many types of programs you need to know must about this program. How to install software on how to use a calculator, how to use the onscreen keyboard, which program is an open photo, How to play video, video format, how to search any program how to remove any programs everything. Continue to gain some knowledge daily about the program. You can install new software and try to know about this software and how to work this software. You do this work regularly a few months you become a computer master.

7. Try to know Programming Language:

It not important to know for a computer genius. But you know it is better for you how to make software, this software language like javascript, Php, python, C programming, This steps is to become a computer programmer. So you won’t become a computer programmer so learn this and be the expert of the tech factory make a golden life.

8. Networking

You need knowledge about networking. How to connect one pc to another pc. How to connect the internet how to work many computers with one computer. How to take remote help from another tech master. Acquire knowledge about new technology how to change world network, and how to connect world people, what are do this network everything you can do from home how you need to know.

9. Internet browsing and advanced searching:

Everyone knows to browse but real browsing is not known. Browse your internet and know how to search and how to search with a real keyword, how to work this search engine, google, yahoo, bing and another search engine. Which is the best search engine in the world? You research everything and you become an expert.

10. Always question your mind what I know About Technology:

It is a very important tip for becoming a computer master. Always questions your mind what you know what you are don’t know. Share the knowledge with your friend maybe you see something you don’t know you can learn from him. When you say you are a computer genius your friend does this work and after I say you are a computer genius. But not do like this always try to know about the new technology and learn and learn with friends. I know it is not so proudly that stupid work is being stupid.

11. Always have to learn mindset:

Learn about technology and earn knowledge. The world even one people give who knows everything. It is not possible to know all the people. So your mindset did not finish your learning you need to more learning. Full life you can earn technology knowledge it does not increase your knowledge it’s increasing also your income source.

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