5 Google Hidden Search Tricks Must You Need Know

5 Google Hidden Tricks

Google is the world’s largest and most popular search engine worldwide. Google is not only a search engine his work has spread all kinds of work. He is the world’s largest technology factory. Every day this technology factory discovers new tech accessories for world people. His discovery is for human good life. Today we learn google 5 Hidden tricks you can use for this search engine and increase knowledge. Carefully read this article and earn this knowledge.

1. Google uses for the calculator:

We are working for a long time with the computer. This time urgently suddenly you need to one calculation for your work. You look all sight but not see any calculator what you do? You can use this time google search bar. Google only not work for the search you can this search bar use a calculator. The best solution gives you google just google search bar type what you need. I type here 52*38=1976 press enter show google result.

Now if you push enter show result google.

google calculator
Google calculator

So you can use an alternative calculator is google. Every time and everywhere with the network.

2.Exact Size image you can download easily From Google:

Nowadays many of our work has been required for the photo. How to download image everyone knows but exact size like I need 350X350 size image how you can download. This also has a solution in google you can use google tool and download the exact size image that you need. How you can do this work exactly showdown in below. We search here HD wallpaper

Google image size

Google shows many results here you see one “tool’s” options click here to come to another one options size down line click this one you can give here your exact image size which you need. Here show all image size is 350X350 and can give any size image download.


3.More result shows Google:

When we search in google any things it shows maybe 10 results in your display. You need to show more results you go this time down and click pag2. Google has another solution which tools use and your display shows one time 20 to 100 result. How you can do this. Just follow the below steps:

  • Google search bar and search for any things
  • Click Search settings
  • Settings result per page options and you can select 10,20,30,40 to like 100
  • After settings go down and save this. Ok now show your settings what you are set here.

4. Games play from google:

Whan you longtime work in your office or home this time maybe you are boring and your computer maybe don’t have any game or you cannot find any game, no problem you can play from google game. Just google search bar search “Play breakout on google” Click the first result of the search and play this game. So I think you can do this and play easily.

5. How to search before google:

How to search and show result google in the 1990 year before. It is very interesting how to search before and show the result on the internet. How is work you should be don’t know? You want to know how to show google results just go Google and write here ” how search in 1980″ not click search click” I’m feeling lucky” you can see here google result. After seeing this result may be surprised you and you feeling lucky.

May you happy after 5 Google tricks and you do not understand any things please comments and we will reply. 5 google hidden tricks are for learning.

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  1. Google Hidden Tircks & Tips , Such a great post .. hope in future we can see intresting tricks & tips from another Social Media or app.

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