BillGates Stepping down From Microsoft

Bill gates

Microsoft Corp. co-founder Bill Gates Annonce, who made the world the most famous and most valuable technology firm Microsoft, stepping down from Microsoft board on Friday to focus on philanthropical works related global health, education, and the world climate change.

The billionaire and his wife Milinda run on the world’s largest and big charities, the Gates Foundation, which has billion on assets and founds the global health programs to fight world disease and poverty. Gates foundation always works for world poor people and health improvements of poor people who do not have the power to take health care.

Gates stepping down from the Microsoft board due to inspiration. The press release announcing the news to desire to ‘dedicated more time to his philanthropic priorities”. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella says, Gates `still will “technology advisor”. He makes a role that began in the 2014 Satya Nadella request when he steps down from Microsoft board.

Nadella also says working, for years after years with Gates it’s will tremendously and privilege. Microsoft CEO also says Gates founded our company with a belief in the democratization force of software a passion for society’s most pressing challenges.

Short History of Billgates:

Bill Gates was born Octobor28 in1955 (64years age). His school name’s lakeside school and Harvard collage. Gates always thinking about the people, how to give a better life in the world. His dream has been in reality today. This brilliant his career as a computer programmer for TRW during his senior year in high school. At the time the computer wasn’t so available. So he thought about how to reach the computer hand in hand. The world was changing with technology. It was in his head. Bill gates was a millionaire when his age is 23 years. The entrepreneur and businessman Bill Gates and his partner Allion Paul have founded the world’s largest software

company Microsoft, through technical innovation. In this process, Bill Gates become the richest man in the world. Whose welfare is today we are using technology in the room?

How did bill gates change the world?

He did change the world through technological innovation, keen business strategy, and aggressive business tactics, benevolence, he has donated billions of dollars on this charity and continues to do this yearly. If you not happy you can charity any people maybe you become a happy man. Bill Gates knows these technics how to becomes happy. His charity history knows the world most of the people. He now worlds hero for all people because he changes the world. We have now every family a laptop or computer, we can know everything from home, we can discover everything, the technology changes full of life. Coronavirus spread in china we know from home and aware. American and European invention new technology we know from home. Every day we know the new technology news from home. Bill Gates knows how to possible change in the world we look at his future. lastly, he thinking how to more involve with social work and change the poor life and these people’s health improvements. Gates and his wife Miranda established a charity names Gates foundation is working for poor people, health, and world climate change. It’s was not easy the stepping down from Microsoft but he does that for his charity foundation.

I have not ability to talking about Bill Gates he is the better hero for all people and changes all world.

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