The Real-time Online best cloud storage-2020

Cloud storage

Online file sharing is very popular in the new generation. This storage site you can store your many files, video, and audio. For which this service is now widely popular worldwide. Today we will talk about the same file-sharing and storage service provider who gives her users free of costs service. Before we know about the Media fire, Ziddu, Google Drive, Dropbox, and many other storages. Apart from this, there are many different online storage systems available in the market.

1. Microsoft One Drive

Microsoft One drive
Microsoft one drive

Microsoft One Drive is the same as the popular google drive. It was before the name sky Drive. One Drive gives you 15 GB free space and spends 2 dollars monthly 100 GB storage and if you share with a friend more then 5GB give extra free storage. If you spend 7 dollars you can use this storage 1TB.

2.Box Cloud Storage

Box Cloud storage
Box Sloud Storage

Box cloud storage up to 10GB u can use free of cost. If you refer your friend you can use up to 22 GB extra storage. And when you spend 5$ he gives you 50GB space for use and you spend 50$ you can use up to 500GB storage. The service is operated by a VPN service provider Golden Frog.



Powered by Baracuda IT organization operated and provide storage service. Copy storage is very popular for a strong safety. People all data this company take very carefully and fully safe. If you are free users u can use up to 15GB and monthly spend 5$ you can use 100GB storage.

4.HI Drive

The other best cloud storage name is Hi Drive. This organization gives you 5GB free storage for register users. If you spend here 12$ u can use 500GB storage. Many people use this site because it’s popular

5.Amazon Cloud Drive

Amazon Cloud drive
Amazon cloud drive

Amazon is the best and popular cloud drive worldwide. Before this getaway, free service available but this cloud drive stops these services. But if you are prime users you can use unlimited photos for storage. Another way if you use an amazon business-oriented service package you can use 5GB free storage.

You know here about many cloud storage. Which is the better you can make a decision and start using this for your work. If this article important for you please comment and share.

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