10 Tested Tips to Extend Battery Life on Android-2020

Many android users say her mobile battery life is no good. It’s unsafe for users because when he traveling this time he wants to take some pictures or traveler when go long drive this time may be any android unexpected problem this one. But most of the common users face this problem may be one or more times. Android mobile companies also always try to extend new mobile battery life increase. Samsung, Mi, iPhone, Huawei, and some other android companies make new some mobile extend battery life. We hope the future may be more lifetime android release in the android market. So in this situation, we can take some necessary steps to extend battery life. Follow my full article and increase our android battery life.

1. Manually Disable Screen Pixel

Sometimes we look at more pixel android battery life is decreased regularly. So you can of this one another third party apps “pixoff”. This app helps you to manually disable pixel and it increases your battery life.

Download: Pixoff (Free and Premium version are available)

2. Switch to the dark side

If your phone sports an OLED screen, You can be switching the dark themes to help to increase your battery life. The OLED display can disable individual pixels, background with the deep black and it can help you to good battery life.

You can search on for a dark theme, many themes you saw on google its download and take advantage of this many ways. Here I give for some dark theme link.

3. Take control of your location

It’s the most trusted and proven way to help us shut up GPS function entirely. Many tech specialists say it is the best way to help up battery life. How you can do this work we show here

Just go settings> Security and location> location to toggle these options. If you are using the android Pie version you will take to settings another option. Go Settings> Security and Locations> Location> Advanced> Scanning> and you can disable Wi-Fi Scanning and Blooth scanning.

4. Turn off automatic Wifi

We look sometimes our mobile Wi-Fi options are automatically on its quickly decrease battery life.

Before the Oreo update, Android comes with a feature to look for an open Wi-Fi network even when you have disabled Wi-Fi to turn it off, Open settings> network and internet> Wi-Fi preference and uncheck the Turn on Wi-Fi Automatically.

Automatic Wi-Fi

5. Limit Apps Running in the background

Sometimes we looking many of the apps running because users do not fully exit the app and it’s always running. It’s happened to battery life is always decrease. So immediately stop this from setting. How you can stop this one you look here, Go settings> Apps & notifications and there specific the apps page, tap Advanced> Battery> Background restriction

6. Power saving mode

If your power life is very small you can go power savings mode. It is very important for you when your battery is very low and it helps you more than more hours to open your mobile.


Go to settings> Battery and performance> Use Adaptive Battery is maybe and it taps for the close.

7. Monitor Misbehaving Apps

Your battery life can take an enormous hit if an app doesn’t work like it’s alleged to . this might be caused by anything from a bug to a deliberate aggressive background feature. you’ll check this by heading into Settings > Battery > Menu > Battery Usage to ascertain which apps have drained the foremost of it.

If there’s an app you don’t use much, you ought to uninstall it and monitor the battery for each day to ascertain if it improves. you’ll also force-close the app and provides it another shot. If nothing proves useful, get obviate it and switch to an alternate. And confirm you don’t have any of the worst Android battery killers on your phone.

8. Exit All Running Apps

It is another method to increase battery life. We looking sometimes many of the apps are running this app to take power for running. That’s a case that happens battery quickly decreases your power life. You can exit all app very easily.

Samsung mobile downside three-button available like back button, home button, and options button, just press options button and you will saw all running apps and throw the one by one right side and you are done.

Another nifty method that doesn’t require much sacrifice and still extends your phone’s battery life is switching to lite or progressive web apps. These are slimmed-down versions of apps available during a browser. Companies offer them to form the experience better on underpowered phones. They take fewer resources, but you won’t miss out on much.

9. Disable Google Assistant

You can Disable Google Assistant it helps you to increase your battery. It is listening to the wake command, is connected to your location for instantly fetching contextual results, and more. If you don’t have to depend on these apps, please disable this

First Go to the Google App and head the more tab. Here tap settings and under the google Assistant header, tap settings again. next, select the assistant tab there, tap your phone’s name at the button of the list. Turn of the Google Assistant and you are done.

10. Sync Data

Notification is important to everyone But sometimes it takes more battery power and decreases the quickly your battery life. You can disable this setting another way shortcut menu off this sync.

Go Settings> Accounts> they are, the Automatically Sync data should be at the button.

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