Just 1 minutes coronavirus test from home

A coronavirus spreads quickly all around the world. Some international organizations closed their official work. Most of the company china Wuhan close their work and advise her to work from home. Many questions and answers are there available for the new coronavirus or their child does? If you do not have a doctor how to care this time your time everything I want to try to give answers to this article. We here also show how you can check you have coronavirus attack or not check just one way one minute.

You know already world 60 countries spread this virus and panic with people. Most of the people don’t want to go outside from home. But the scientist says the should not panic about the coronavirus. By following certain rules, the chances of getting infected are greatly reduced. At home, you will know if a person in which a person is infected or not. When a person’s compassion is infected with the virus, it can take a long time for the signs symptoms to appear. Usually, the coronavirus is infected with stormy air before going to a hospital and then 50 percent being fibrosis which means it is too late.

How you can test this?

Experts in Taiwan discovers a beautiful method to test themselves whether they have done so. The test is that if you do not feel any cough or chest pain while feeling restrained while holding a long tail in a clean environment, then you have to think that you are not burdened. Its other means you are not infected coronavirus.


Another very good advice was given by Japanese doctors they are saying as if your throat and the inside of the mouth never dry. Drinking a spoonful of water every 15 minutes at intervals will keep your throat wet and if the virus goes into the stomach. And it will die instantly by the acid in the stomach.

Discovered vaccine Switzerland?

The Switzerland expert says they have discovered a vaccine for coronavirus this vaccine approved by china. Although these claims are still tested. The America, Thailand, and Vietnam also say claims vaccine discovered.

There is nothing to fear the coronavirus. Although the Coronavirus has completely devastated China’s economy. Health expert says the death rate for a virus is only 1.3percent. But another virus Ebola and Sars virus a death rate was according to 30 and 20 percent.


The World Health Organization says the infant mortality rate for children is almost zero due to the disease. The rate of elderly and infected is lower. Of these diseases, death rates very high which people age up 60 and these people are infected with many diseases like diabetes, lung disease, and other diseases. You can also read my article for how affected people in cover-19 mean coronavirus

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