How to Disable android apps automatic update 2020

If you have an android phone that is automatic update always no problem after reading these informative tips you can totally of this. options. Automatic updates sometimes cause your mobile may be slower. It takes more space from your phone. If your phone memory has big space no problem but your mobile memory is small it is a big problem for you,

Auto-updates are fine if you are comfortable with accepting every app’s “Permission” and you are almost always in a place where there a strong cellular or “WI-fi only” signal available.

It is important for you to prefer to review to permissions before allowing your apps to update ( formerly yes, permission are updated at times) another if you are often in places, with a weak signal coverage, you would be better of setting auto-updates to “Off” or “Wifi-only” here are how to can do this work.

Stepe1: Open your play store

Stepe2: Go here option, left corner up site you see three dots or horizontal line you can click for go option.


Stepe3: From this options click setting

Stepe4: Tap Auto updates apps here

Stepe5: Select the Auto updates apps Off

Stepe6: (It is optional) you ok with the permissions and can also select this option auto-play video off.

Stepe7: Done your work.

After this processing, you look at your mobile auto-update is totally off. When your wifi of or on no problem also no problem your data open.

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