How can make more partition your pc Windows 7l8l10

Regularly every pc when setup here is attending C drive. Sometimes make it technician 2 drive like C and D. We need more drive for separate file separate drive put. It is very important for a pc owner. I work in my office this time office file put one drive, my personal file I put E drive and Autocad file F drive, other video file use G drive. If you need this drive today I show how you can make from c to another drive.

This work we can make some steps you read full article after you can make like this.

First step: Go your computer Icon click mouse write button click here “Manage” options

Desktop pc

When open manage option you see here one Disk management

Disk managment

After clicking Disk management you see all your drive and if you want to make more drive from c mouse right button click and Shrink volume option-click.

Shrink volume
Shrink volume

Click here shrink volume another way you can make any partition also another drive I show here C drive.

Pertition c drive
C drive partition show

Step 2:Look here show your c drive total space and you can make from another drive just set you another drive space and click shrink. Install and run the software Right-click the C drive select split partition.

split pertion
split partition

Step 3: Type in the amount in your new partition or just drag the circle in the middle to decide the size.

Type amount space
Type amount space

Step 4: Click “Apply” and “proceed” after your confirmation

Create two drive

You see down show split (C) and create (F). You got a new partition drive (F) you can make more drive repeat the same steps If you have a lot of space in your c drive.

We show the next article how to make more space c drive because it’s some time slow your computer and difficult to drive your computer. If you have done this work please comment us also share we will reply and give a good solution. You can also click here for more computer secret tips and tricks.

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