Top 12 computers secret tips and tricks- 2020

Tech tips

Computers are the most important and advanced technologies industries. Now people used laptops and computers are widely used in the whole world. World most of the students and computer science student mostly used laptops or computers.

There are a lot of hidden tips laptop or computers its don’t know most of the users. I have written here this article some special hidden tricks for new users (2020). It is very important but doesn’t know every people. Read this article carefully and comments, please.

  • Opened all window show
  • How to use the middle button of the mouse
  • Lock windows instantly
  • Stop automatic windows update
  • Play media into chromo browsers
  • Use the keyboard as a mouse
  • Open your task manager another way
  • Use the snipping tools and take screenshots
  • Use emojis on your computer
  • View administrator password
  • Quick shut down computer
  • Quick Refresh

Opened all window show

Quick tab shows
Windows tab shows

Sometimes we don’t know how many windows our computers opened. This time you can put just one command it shows you all the opened window. Press your keyboard (windows+button) regularly and press the tab button this time you see all opened windows.

How to use the middle button of the mouse


Most of the mouse of the computer has a button. Everyone doesn’t know where the use this button. It is normally used for page scrolling. When you need to page up and down this time we use this wheel. But it has another type you can use when your right button and left button do not work this time you can clicking work complete with this button.

Lock windows instantly


When you watch movie another way you are now office this time you’re not working may be looking movie, maybe browsing the newspaper, this time come to your parents or your office boss this time press your keyboard (windows+L ) finish your work your computer instantly lock.

Stop automatic windows update

Go to control panel > Open your (WIndows update) icon.> Sidebar click change settings> click the option and select never check for updates (not recommended)> Click ok finish your work your windows do not update automatically.

Play media into chromo browsers

Sometimes our media player is not working. This time you can use the chromo browser is an alternative media player like this, 1) Open your chrome browser, 2) Select a file from any location (video, audio, pdf, jpg) and drag it into google chrome 3) Right-click the file, 4) Select open with google chrome browsers, 5) Drag the file into chromo desktop icon to open it.

Use the keyboard as a mouse

On-screen keyboard
Windows on-screen keyboard

Your keyboard is not working? You don’t have a keyboard no problem you can use only mouse work the same keyboard. Go start button and search bar search (on-screen keyboard) just open it and do your all work with a mouse.


Open your task manager another way

  1. Click on start. Enter taskmgr.exe into the search field (taskmgr.exe is the executable name of the task manager)
  2. Start the task manager click the with task manager
  3. Click on start task manager
  4. Step is done

Use the snipping tools and take screenshots

If you need any screen short no problem windows to have snipping tools which use for taking screenshots to select an area.

  1. Click the windows start button and write search bar snipping tool
  2. First, open which one you need to screenshot
  3. Click snipping tools new and select this area in which one you need a screenshot.
  4. Save it any name ok done work

Use emojis on your computer

Three ways you can access on emoji on your windows 10

  1. Right-click on the taskbar and select “Show touch keyboard button” from the context menu
  2. This will add a keyboard icon to the system tray
  3. Click the emoji button next to the space bar and the alphabetical keys will convert into the emoji keyboard.

View administrator password

Sometimes we forget our computer or laptop but today I show you how to know your administrator password. This way works only windows 10.

Simply press Windows logo key+X to open the quick access and click command prompt(admin). to reset your forgotten password. Types the following command and press Enter. Replace Account_name and new_password with your username and desired password respectively.

Disable autoplay in chrome browser

You can stop video autoplay on chrome browser just follow the step below

  1. Go to your chrome browser type address bar “chrome://flags/
  2. On your keyboard press CTRL+F
  3. Type autoplay
  4. Click the dropdown menu and set up to “document users activation required”

Quick shutdown computers

If you can no problem it’s a simple trick but all are don’t know we show here for new generation and it’s very helpful maybe next time. We are shut down the computer normally start button click and press shut down sometimes it takes time. After today you note like this shut down your computer. You press the only keyboard alt+F4 after shot down quickly all windows.

Quick Refresh

Sometimes we do refreshing our computer everyone does this work mouse write click and refresh. This work you can do with a keyboard command. It’s a very simple windows button+F5 refresh your computer after one time can do this work only F5 button press

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