A Traveler can visit the best 6 places in Rangamati bd 2020

The natural beauty of Rangamati

Travel guide Rangamati: Arannok holiday resort, Dc banglo, Polwel park, Shovlong, Hanging bridge, Kaptai Navi camp, Zoom rastuara and Kaptai lake are most popular in Rangamati for the visitor.

Rangamati Hill tracts are the most popular travel places for natural beauty. Million of visitors every year visite for seeing her natural beauty. Who wants to visit here I give 10 best places for visitors. A visitor can take here from her guidelines.

Hanging bridge and beauty of nature:

Rangamati hanging bridge

Hanging bridge is the landmark icon of Rangamati for most visitor’s first-choice destinations. It’s the most popular visit spot for visitors. From Chittagong 77 kilometers by roadway this place location. If you don’t go here you can’t discover how much natural beauties are in obtainable. It also connected the waterway with other beauties Kaptai. This is the only place to visit throughout the annual year. Rangamati express shows her main beauty in the rainy season. The tree is becoming the greener, waterfalls are in the full tide, the river Karnafullay in her full wave in this season and the Shovo long waterfall is the amazing natural beauties for you.

Arannnak Holiday Resort:

Arannak Resort and Holiday park in rangamati
Arannnak resort and holiday park

Another one best places in Rangamati Arannak Resort and Holiday Park. This place located on the Rangamati army covered area where is the best natural place obtained. It’s all site are covered the natural beauties. If you go one time I think you will go again and again. It’s very near to Rangamati city’s main town to here may need any vehicle 10 to 15 minutes.

Arannak resort From hill
Arannak Resort

When you go here see like a dreamland it does everything Bangladesh army. All around the total resort green grass which calls you again and again for the beauty of nature. All sites of the resort water and water like small dreamland in the river.

Polwel Park:

Rangamati Polwel park
Polwel park Rangamati

Polwel park another beauty of Rangamati. Here comes also a lot of visitors. They have any types of speed boats you can drive and look so many beauty of nature. It’s like a dreamland. You can go here any vehicle takes to the main town for 10 minutes. Polwel park is a new combination of visitor attractions in Rangamati.

DC Banglo:

DC Banglo
DC Banglo

Dc banglo loves point every people when visit Rangamati must go them. This love point has a sad story. March 2014 an American couple comes here for honeymoon. After two-three days they decide to go to river travel. They are renting a boat for traveling sky weather everything ok. Afternoon time when they are traveling in the river this time suddenly sky becomes cloudly. A few minutes stormy wind they are living upset. All people are Rangamati thinking about the people but anybody can’t find they are dead body after two days discover this couple gets involved the was floating. Every people crying for this couple. For remember this couple Deputy commissioner of Rangamati kept name this place love point. This place location in DC banglo. So many people every year visite this nice place.


Shovolong Waterfall:

Shovolong watarfall is a great place when you visite in Rangamati. To visit this place you will need a boat When going there you see two sides of the river awesome beauty of nature. You can rent a boat by yourself or you can share it with some other people. They are two places you can rent a boat 1) Rijab bazar and other 2) Parzaton complex. There are various types of boats available and this rent also different is demand. The fair starts from 1400 to 1500 and another big size boat maybe 2500 to 3000. At this rent, you will be able to Kaptai lake, Shovolong waterfalls, Barkat Hills, Another waterfall, Saveral restaurant to take food like 1) Chang pang, 2) Joom Ghor Or Ghorba, 3) Peda ting ting etc. The total boat trip can be completed within 5-6 hours. When you go their river two sides look awesome beauty of nature.

Beauty of nature Rangamati
Shovolong away

This lake water clean and green two sides big impressed you and say come and feel me awesome beautiful nature. When you put your hand in the river the go throw the two sides and you can make a beautiful nature video.

Shovolong water fall

Kaptai Navi camp:

Kaptai is a subdistrict of Rangamati. Navi camp location in Kaptai from Rangamati you can go by road another way you can go from Chittagong to direct by bus Kaptai Navi camp. It’s another beauty of Rangamati Hiltracts. You can take from a beautiful scenery in your remember. Kaptai lake is a man make lake. The lake was created as a result of building Kaptai Damp on the karnafully river as the part of Karnafully Hydro-electric project. The Kaptai lake avarage deept 100feet and the maximum deept 450 feet. This made a beautiful scenery while forested mountains and higland climb from within the water. Day by day huge visitores are visite this lake. Navi camp is the most attractive place for every visitors. What’s are no here green Hill, Beauty of lake some spacial picnic spots make the great place this area. If you come to direct chittagong to Kaptai navicamp you can visite some more spacial places like 1) Sheik rasel avairy and eco park here most attractive item cable car. Like this cable care asia 2 or three country obtained. 2 kilomitre this cable car long you can see from here natural beauty and many types of birds this park, 2) Zoom Restura another most attractive place in road of Kaptai and othe so many picnic spoot available in this road when you go Kaptai navicamp.

Kaptai Navicamp
Kaptai Navicamp
Sheik rasel aviary and ecopark
Sheik Rasel aviary and eco park

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