You can make more money from this machine

Mobile screen protector glass cutting machine

Hi friends today I show you how you can earn money from one machine. How much this money? Answer unlimited it depends on your hard work. It’s a glass cutting machine for a mobile protector. How it’s possible to make money unlimited here is a show for you.

We know this time has everyone’s phone. All are the people want to more safety her mobile. How he can make his mobile safer every one thnk this one. This time he buys for a mobile screen protector which one can save our mobile. Every time this one not available a mobile shop but we can solve this problem and make a business can make more money. First, you select a more populated area where live more people it’s maybe a city or market area.

What you need to start for this business:

You need only one glass protector machine which one you can buy from amazon and other local suppliers. After collecting this machine you contact a local mobile show where more screen guard sales every day. Another way you also make one center and use this center for sale this screen protector. The first time maybe you can’t find more customers. After some months you see huge customers buy your product. Also, you go to all mobile shops where the sale screen protector and say you have all types of screen protectors and you also provide some sample screen protector. When selling this product in a shop this time you take from him a wholesale price. It’s is very important in growing your business.

Online sale:

A small business after few times becomes a big business. You can also sell Amazon, Flipkart online market place. If you sell online you can earn an unbelievable profit. You can sell here no need anything you make only one seller id on Amazon and Flipkart and start your online business today. Amazon is a worldwide online market place same as Flipkart also the same market place where you can sell your product and can more success.


Per Pieces cost:

When you make starting this product your per pcs screen protector costs $0.0125 for glass and paper packet and another cost total maybe $ 0.01 USD dollar. When you sell this local area mobile market in wholesale rate is a minimum of $0.15 dollars. It’s when sales with direct customers up to $2 dollars. When you sell online this time huge profit you can earn. So day by day your sales increase and your profit also increases. After a few months, you see your daily sell cross the double-digit amount of dollar. So it is a very profitable business. Another one facility you can make all kinds of glass. So have extra facility any kind of glass you cutting with machine supply the customer takes more money. Suppose A customer order a Chinese mobile screen protector this one when available in every shop this time you sell this one may be on the dollar but when it’s not available to market you want price double customer alternative do this.

How much price this machine:

A separate market separate model is a sale at different prices in the market. this one starting price 3050$ to $85000. First, you take one small price machine after trying to big price. Amazon, Flipkart, and another market also available for this product. So you can buy any online market and start to make money.

How working this machine:

This machine used only for cutting. The supplier you give a4, a5 size glass sheets and these sheets you can cut any model and sizes. This machine has all kinds of model and jus select and gives print command this one start cutting. Another option has this machine when a model not available in this list you can design and print. So you can make any kind and any model print.

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