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Windows 10 quick tips: 8 ways to speed up your PC-2020

How to speed up your pc? just read the full article you also can this work no need any specialist. We see when buying our computer this time was our computer/pc very fast. After some months slow our pc, why like this? because world technology changes every few seconds. Today buy new pc tomorrow you see another fast pc available in the market. Another one way our pc ram, processor, hard disk are the same but tomorrow technology comes to another ram, processor, and hard disk program developer also changes his version. Suppose you use today’s Facebook version 3.1.1 version after a few months when using Facebook gives always massage please upgrade your app’s version from the play store. The same message comes from youtube, IMO, WhatsApp, every type of apps. Because this apps company always developed his apps and space also up. We see 3.1.1 Facebook versions take 10MB but when is version up this time these apps take space 50MB. But our pc power does not upgrade always that’s it’s a cause for slowing our pc. We use browser firefox, chromo, opera mini and other this time this browser huge of data browsing data take space from our harddisk and ram that’s is also another cause to slow our pc. So we can take some necessary action to speed up our pc. We described some tricks which you follow you can speed up your pc/computer.

1. Remove unused software which you no need

Remove the software which you not use. Every software takes space from your computer to pressure up your ram. It’s a cause for slow your computer tries to more clean up your c drive. Clear your cache browser your pc speed more up it is a normal process. you can also disable your software which you no need. This work does like this step

First you sure your mouse is the taskbar click mouse right button you see task manager in windows 10. This time you see all list of software which is you install. Just click status and you see enable all software are enabled you can disable which you no need. Ok if we finish disable we go the next step.

We show more advanced level tricks below for the system speed up.

2. PC power option setting

Just press windows button in your keyboard and search bar write power & sleep yu see your menu power & sleep menu

*Click Power and sleep menu

*Click additional power settings

*Check your option high-performance options select or not select if not select please select this option.

3. Disk Defragmenter

Now we do disk defragmenter go firs start menu and search bar search her Disk Defragmenter

  • Open Disk Defragment
  • Select C drive
  • When select c drive you to see one option down optimize ok click this one when op
  • When optimizing finish click ok you see your pc faster

4.Unnecessary temporary file delete

Press your keyboard windows+r button and open another run window

Type this run window %temp%

  • Click ok button after you see thousand of temporary file and folder
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  • You delete or press ctrl+A select all file and folder delete fully in this, don’t worry you’re any important file not delete.
  • All delete finish you can see your pc faster. May some file note delete that’s file is not possible to delete.
  • Again we press ctrl+R go Run options This window we write “temp” and enter after you see some file this also delete.
  • The same way we open the same window Ctrl+R and go run window write here “prefetch” you see another window show want permission to click ok and you see another window open where to show a lot of file and folder select this all and delete.

5. Local disk (C) cleanup

Another way to system cleanup. It’s also another way to pc faster.

  • Open my computer where you see all local disk
  • When your mouse on c drive jus press mouse right and go options properties
  • Open properties you see another options disk cleanup you just press here
  • Disk cleanup after you see another window don’t worry here not delete your file
  • Now select all file and click ok then you see your local disk (c) cleanup wait take maybe some times

6. Runtime service reduce

Again you follow same no 4 tricks just press your keyboard Windows+R open run window this time follow sam below

  • Type here “MSConfig” after press enter
  • System configuration window open here you see one menu press service menu
  • You see”Hide all Microsoft service” down left side click here and mark this
  • after click ok
  • After you look at pc faster before

7. Registry Editor Edit and Reduce

Again press your keyboard Windows+R key after open Run window

  • Run window write “regedit” and press enter you come one window want permission click ok
  • You see here huge options click “HKEY_CURRENT_USER” double click these options you see here also have options you just go control panel here you double click mouse and here also huge options click here mouse volume maybe you see here mouse volume is 400 and redid this one 10 OKs enter.
  • Another one options desktop click here >menu show deley< options double click here and you see here also 400 edits this one write 10 ok after your computer you see more speed up.

8. Visual effect change

This work do like this

  • Windows start menu and click search options write here “System” enter
  • Click Advanced system settings
  • Click performance options
  • Here you see one option automatically selected >Let windows choose what’s best my computer
  • You mark another option >adjust for best performance
  • You click here just >Show shadow under mouse pointer
  • After you click down Apply this way a few times after you click the button

All the tricks you do properly maybe your pc being superfast and please comment and share my article for other people’s helps.


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