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How to make an E-Passport Bangladesh 2020

It is great news for Bangladesh people for launching an E-Passport. Because in Bangladesh a lot of people go out of the country for work, Travel, Education, and health checkup. World 118 country has been launched this passport before. E-Passport uses very easy for the bearer and emigration officer. If you want to go to any other country legal way you must need a passport. Today we write how you can make an E-passport.

What Type of facility use E-Passport

The e-passport as a security mark will contain the image of the gem and the fingerprint. All the passport holder information will be stored on the chips on its pages. Because of this security arrangement, identity hiding or fraud will not be possible.
An e-passport passenger who has passed the immigration checkpoint will be able to finish the immigration automatically without having to stand in line.
The e-gate will be set up on airplanes, land, and sea for e-passports.

E-Passport expiration:

At present, the fee for the general passport is three thousand 3 rupees and the emergency passport has to pay Tk 6 thousand 5. The term is five years. The e-passport has been finalized for the age group of five and ten years. It is learned that under the age of 5 years and above 5 years passport will be given for those who are under the age of 5 years and for the age group of 5 to 6 years, the passport will be given for five years.

How much cost an E-Passport?

At present, the general and emergency passports have to pay a fee of three thousand and six thousand respectively. This time, five and ten-year passports will have to be charged at Tk. If the VAT is added to it, the general passport will cost Tk 1,220 and an emergency passport will cost Tk 12,3.

How we can make an E-Passport?

There are 5 passport offices in the country. About 20,000 new passports and renewal applications are submitted to these offices every day. Of these, an average of 4,000 applications was submitted to the passport offices of Agargaon, Jatrabari, Uttara, and Keraniganj in Dhaka. In each departmental/regional passport office under the control of the Department of Immigration and Passport, there are separate counters to apply for the freedom fighters, the elderly, the sick and the disabled.

  1. Agargaon Passport Office of Dhaka: From Sabujbagh, Motijheel Paltan in Dhaka city, Ashulia Savar, Dhamrai, a total of 20 police stations can pass.
  2. Dhaka Deputy Commissioner’s Office: Residents of Dhaka metropolis and the rest of the police stations of the district can now pass.
  3. You can make passports from the regional passport offices of the country.
  4. In addition, you can make passports from a separate branch in the passport at the office of the Deputy Commissioner in each district.
  5. You can make passports from GPOs in each district.
  6. Passport is issued from the Bangladesh Passport Office or Bangladeshi Embassy abroad.

The correct rules for completing the e-passport form online:

Without a passport, can you think of yourself as a Bangladeshi citizen? It is important to have your own passport. At present, you do not have to stand in the long line to submit passport forms online. Photographers can be taken directly and fingerprinted without having any problem with the broker’s clutter or passport office. There is no hassle of unnecessary spending.
For those who are going to make a new e-passport online, this tune is meant to make matters easier. You too can easily. Because getting a passport online is much easier. All you have to do is go for only three days, including getting a passport. Come, from the very beginning, I know how to fill the Passport form online and the rules.

Steps 1:

The first step in getting a passport is to deposit the money to the government-fixed fee bank. You will need to submit it to the bank as the online application form has to include the receipt number and the deposit date of the bank. You can submit passport fees at the bank branch set up by the Passport Office of Bangladesh.

Besides Sonali Bank, you can deposit money in 5 more banks.
One bank
Trust Bank
Bank Asia
Premier Bank
Bank of Dhaka.
These banks can also pay passport fees online through credit cards and mobiles.

Steps 2:

Filling out the online form is the most important step in e-passport. See instructions for filling out the online form carefully, filling it out carefully. You must first visit the Immigration and Passport Department’s website to fill out the online form.
Then click on ‘continue to online enrollment’ with the checkmark ‘I have read the above information and the relevant guidance notes’.

Your name and personal information – such as your name, parent’s name. These names should be the same as educational certificates or national ID cards. If any information is wrong, it will be difficult to get a passport.
In the case of mailing address and mobile number, the one being used must be given.
The payment date and receipt number should be given.
Select the passport-type ‘ordinary’.
The parts that are given the red star mark must be filled.

In the Delivery Type section, you will need to select Regular for 5 days and Express for 3 days.
After completing the form, you will need to check it again, check whether all the information is ticked and go to the next step. Once successfully submitted, you will receive a link to download the completed form. Download the form The PDF copy will be returned to the e-mail address that has been filled in with the form.

Immediately after opening the account online, it will inform you of the user ID and password. Save it. This is the end of the race.

Steps 3:

You will need to print 2 copies of the PDF copy of the completed form. Make sure to fill in the spaces that need to be filled in hand You have to sign the applicant’s signature.
Once the photocopy of the national identity card and one of your 9,9-millimeter colored photographs (passport size picture) is adorned with glue on both the forms, both the e-passport application forms must be verified. Must be verified by a known first-class officer. It’s good to verify with someone you know. Because the officer’s name, contact and phone number and national ID number have to be entered in the form. The photo should be verified as if the signature of the verifier and half of the seal is on the photo and the other half on the form paper. After verification, recheck the entire form.

Steps 4:

Confirmed pictures and bank receipts should be attached to the form with glue.
A verified copy of the National Identity Card should also be attached to the printed form.
Applying as a student must confirm the photocopy of the Student ID card and attach it to the form. When you have completed these steps, the form is ready for submission.

Steps 5:

Within 5 days of completing the online form, a copy of the form, certified photograph, national identity card or attested photocopy of the birth registration certificate (along with the original copy, as you wish to see), and the student’s photocopy of the ID card should be taken to the Passport Office. White clothing, white hat, and eyeglasses cannot be worn while going to the passport office or taking pictures.
The first time you go to the passport office. Then the line is less crowded, you have to enter the main office directly through the main gate.
Take your form and tell the responsible army officer where to go. He will show you where to go with the form.


Before verifying and submitting the verification of the application, the officer in charge will sign the application along with the seal. Then the application should be submitted at the specified place. There are several booths in the passport office, which have to be submitted there.
At the time of submitting the application, the person responsible for the passport office will keep your information on the computer. Then he will give you a token. He has to go to another officer to take a picture of the application along with the token. The photographs of the national identity card will be similarly photographed here. Also, two hand fingerprints will also be provided on electronic machines. The electronic signature will then be taken. However, the electronic signature should be kept in mind as to whether the signature of the application forms.

Then the serial will actually go to the specific room to call for the picture. A receipt is provided before giving the picture, signature, and fingerprint so that all the information shown on the passport is given. Verify that your receipt is correct in the receipt and if any information is incorrect you can inform the concerned operator immediately and correct it. Note that after delivering the passport applicant’s pictures, signatures and fingerprints, the original delivery receipt is provided and there is no further correction. A passport receipt will be given after the picture is taken and the fingerprint is finished. Take care of that.

Generally, the form is submitted daily from 9 am to 5 pm. And the passport is distributed from 9 am to 5 pm. The rest of the week is open five days, excluding public holidays (Friday and Saturday).

Steps 6:

If your permanent and current address, not the same you need to police verification two times. During verification, you will need a photocopy of your national identity card and certificate of electricity bill/union council chairman. Subject to police verification, you will receive a passport within one month or 7 days of receipt of the receipt. After verification, SMS will be sent to your mobile. You will be able to collect the passport the day after the SMS arrives. Diyas, this time it is the turn to take the e-passport.

Verify that your information is correct in the passport and if any information is wrong then you can immediately correct the passport without informing the concerned operator.
If incorrect, the e-passport, passport (MRP) re-issue / change of information/correction of passport form and application form, photocopy of the current passport will be completed by filling this form and attach the receipt of money to the bank and the original passport. Must bring along.
In order to renew the passport, the receipt has to be submitted with the passport by filling the specified application form and submitting the prescribed fee to the bank.

What type of document need to apply:

Certificate / Voter ID Card / National Identity / Birth Certificate issued by Chairman / Ward Commissioner or photocopy of electricity, gas / water bill / house document etc.
In the case of an officer or employee working in a private institution, the certification/identity card given by the concerned institution should be submitted.
In the case of students/students, certification letter/identity cards given by the concerned institution should be submitted.
Noteworthy when making a passport

Things to know when making a passport

  1. Government, semi-official, autonomous and state-owned permanent officers/employees, retired public servants, dependent spouses of public servants and their children under the age of five (fifteen), three (five) / six (ten) years passed. In the case of one form and others, two (two) copies of the completed passport form must be submitted for the new passport.
  2. In the case of a minor (less than 5 years) applicant, the parents and mother of the applicant will have to verify after placing a colored picture (1 x 20 mm) with glue.
  3. National Identity Card or Birth Certificate and confirmed photocopy of relevant technical certificates (such as doctors, engineers, drivers, etc.) if applicable.
  4. People who can collect and verify passport application forms and photographs – Members of Parliament, Mayors of City Corporations, Deputy Mayors and Councilors, Gazetted Officers, Teachers of Public Universities, Upazila Parishad Chairman and Vice-Chairman, Municipal Mayors and Municipal Councilors, Private University Professors Principal of the College, Headmaster of Private High School, National Nick editor, notary public and semi-government / autonomous/public officials of the salary scale in the 7th grade and above grade.
  5. Children under the age of five (fifteen) of the government, semi-government, autonomous and state-owned permanent officers/employees and their spouses and public servants will receive the emergency benefits by submitting a nominal fee.
  6. The relevant GO / NOC should be filed if applicable.
  7. Retired public servants and their dependent spouses will receive emergency benefits by paying a nominal fee. In this case, the retirement certificate must be filed.
  8. The passport must be accompanied by a surrendered application.
  9. Applicants seeking diplomatic passport must submit the completed forms and attachments to the Foreign Ministry.
  10. Educational or job titles (such as doctors, engineers, doctors, PhDs, etc.) will not be considered as part of the name. In the case of completing Form No. 1 of the form, if there is more than one part, then 1 cell in the middle of each part should be filled with zeros.
  11. Applicant’s father, mother, the spouse is deceased but ‘Dead / Late / Late’ cannot be written before his / her name.
  12. Correction of the name will require SSC or equivalent examination certificate or affidavit of the first-class magistrate court.
  13. In case of a change of occupation, a certificate in favor of the changing profession will be required.
  14. Changing the permanent address will require a voter list or voter ID or any reliable evidence about the changed address.
  15. In the case of the annexation of the child’s name, the child’s birth certificate must be submitted with the application form.
    To renew your passport:
    The receipt should be submitted with the passport by filling the specified application form and submitting the prescribed fee to the bank.
    Information: Government officials/employees do not need police verification. The passport is not green, blue, and the official passport is written above.

One-stop service to get e-passport:

To get the OneStop service, you will have to complete all formalities including depositing forms, just like a regular passport. In this case, the fee amount is 1 paise for 5 leaves and 5 paise for leaves. It will take 2-5 hours to get a passport. The fee will be charged for any mistake. If the renewal fee is 25 taka. Note OnePost service is provided and sent to police verification. If any adverse report is received then the passport is canceled.

To get the OneStop service, you will have to complete all formalities including depositing forms, just like a regular passport. In this case, the fee amount is 1 paise for 5 leaves and 5 paise for leaves. It will take 2-5 hours to get a passport. The fee will be charged for any mistake. If the renewal fee is 25 taka. Note OnePost service is provided and sent to police verification. If any adverse report is received then the passport is canceled.

You can apply for a passport from this website:

Passport form download:

You can check your passport here:


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