How To Fix A Corrupted SD Card | Find Your solution today

Sd memory card is a part of our life now. Because our smartphone no gives more data storage. When we see big data storage phones this time this smartphone also big price. We buy low storage mobile phones what we do for more data, We buy an sd card. We put here all our data like music, photo, videos. This is our best solution but when our sd card is corrupted or not working/not show anything only see sd card available or show corrupted this time what we do, sometimes solve this only formatting but the maximum time it not do format. We look at some cases memory card up writing 16GB but when you put a computer or mobile this time show 200MB. Same many cases SD card and memory card we solve here this article. Today I show how to repair this memory.

In this way you need must be shown connected in pc if not connect it not possible to repair. Follow step by step :

  1. Press your keyboard Windows logo button+R after press you see open one mini window

2. Now write here cmd and press Enter this time you see open another black window

3. Write here another one command “diskpart” press enter

4. Now you write here another command “listdisk” press enter you see the show all your list

5. Now select your disk name “select disk[ number of disks]” for select number press enter. Be careful here must you need to know which is your memory card, because you see here your hard drive also and your memory card may be 2,4,8,16,32,64GB but hard disk drive space more than up so the select disk 1 when this one is your SD card another way you select another one which one is your memory.

6. When you select your disk now put another command “clean” press enter

Finally, you see your memory is now good and you can any data this memory. Thank you for visite our website any problem please comment. Here we give for your video.

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