How to Take Screenshots in Windows 10 & another Operating system

Take screen shots

Screenshot makes is don’t know every people without software. It is important for now all small or microwork site for proved. Sometimes it needs to send tech doctor solve our computer many problems. Online workers must need this essential work. How we can take your pc screenshot? It is very easy to work and you can do this easily after reading this article and without any software. We regularly publish sameotech many types of tech tips you can read these tips may be more increase your knowledge power.

Step 1: What you need screenshot open this one suppose I need my chromo browser my site search bar show Not secure this one I take. Just I push my keyboard Ctrl+PrtScr/SysRq.

Step 2: After Press this one now you open your paint Apps Just press the start button and choose paint.

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Step 4: After open paint apps you just press here Ctrl+V you see your screenshot and save any name


Ok we take our screenshot. Now same way you can take any screenshot for your any work. We can take another way also this screenshot. Now we are learn how to take screenshot alternative way or selection way. This way you can take any screen which area you need this one.

Another way take screenshots:

First open which one you need to screenshot this one and go windows search bar.

Search here snipping tools and you look list one snipping tools are available in their list.

Open these tools and click new and select which area is need for your work this one. After selecting you to save this one your computer any location. Now you can take this way also screenshots. The first way you can take a screenshot full screen but this way you can screenshot any small and big area by selecting.

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